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Kingdom Kids Home Kids
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

What a difference a day makes, well... maybe a week

Novi and Delsi are settling in to their new surroundings and feeling the love of Kingdom Kids Home. Both of them actually have cheeky little natures, I think they are going to be great fun and a blessing for the other kids as well.

Kadek and Novi

Novi is 2½ and just started walking. She is the same height but much thinner than Adeya who is 14 months. She still has a lot of sores on her head but they are starting to clear up and with good nutrition she will start to grow and fill out.

Delsi is 4 years old and she is also tiny even compared to normal Indonesian kids. She can't speak Bahasa Indonesia yet
but it won't take long for her to start picking it up. When she first arrived she would do her business on the bedroom floor but she is almost toilet trained now. Having come from a place where there are no toilets it was the normal thing to do. (I guess she won't want to see this post when she turns 21)!

Oma (grandma) and Delsi

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