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Friday, August 26, 2016

New believers make the best disciples!

Kadek with the latest group
We are constantly encouraged by the people coming to salvation. Kadek's little team, empowered by the Holy Spirit are having a real impact in an area not so long ago considered impossible. I can't really say all that is happening, but it is very exciting. With a constant stream of new believers there continues to be a huge demand for discipleship. We continue to use the 'Christian CoreStrength' resource which has
been translated to Indonesian, which Kadek teaches in Balinese (being fluent in both).

I believe this will have along term impact because as far as I know there has not been a consistent, evangelical effort followed up by a systematic discipleship course taught to new believers in Bali. They are getting a terrific grounding in the new faith, something that has been sadly lacking.

What is also encouraging is the level of interest these new believers have to learn about Jesus. It is so refreshing to see people hanging on every word that is spoken, and when the session is finished, wanting more. It is quite humbling, but little wonder God is blessing this ministry.

Kadek shows a disciple how to use the MP3 Bible

If the disciples can read they get a copy of the Alkitab (Indonesian Bible) and a copy of the 'Christian CoreStrength' discipleship book. If they can't read they get the Balinese New Testament on a solar powered MP3 player. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

All's well that ends well

God has answered our prayers in so many ways. Thanks to all of you. From a total of 28 x-rays (kids, carers and us) there were only the initial two who had active TB. The day after I sent out my 'distress call' I received an email from a Specialist from Westmead Children's Hospital who specializes in TB in children. Having also had experience in Africa he was not only well aware of the added complexities of treatment in 3rd world countries but also the cultural issues. To say that Dr Ben Marais was a Godsend is an understatement. And there were other doctors, etc who also provided very helpful advice.

You would recall that we were also concerned that Lorens, being from Sumba wouldn't get the free medicine as we were initially told he would have to go to the government medical office nearest to his village. Being a 1½ hour flight from Bali meant that was out of the question. But praise God again that we have been able to source his 6 month course of medicine for only Rp2,600 ($2.50) per week!

So now everyone is safe, Darmawan and Lorens are into their treatment and all is well. The only other issue is Kadek's diabetes. He still hasn't been able to see the specialist (it is now nearly a month) and the process here is not quite like back home. Kadek had to go to the specialists clinic to register for an appointment, he was then told they didn't know when his appointment would be but that they would let him know. We're still waiting. But at least he's been a good 'boy' and eating much more healthily, so that's a start. And thanks to a very generous donation we have been able to purchase a big griller, enabling us to cut back on everything being deep fried.

To all those people who were able to contact doctors, nurses etc a huge thank you for your concern your efforts, and most importantly to everyone for your prayers. May God richly bless you all.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

More piggies!

We have just bought another 4 sows thanks to some very generous people. Their names (the pigs) are Nancy 1, Nancy 2, PJ and Lucy (closest name to Luke). I think you will know which ones are yours! All of our first four sows are pregnant with our first litter expected in about another four weeks. Add to that, PJ (one of the new ones) is already pregnant!

We are also setting up some fencing so our happy little piggies can spend time outdoors. It's not a huge area but much better than being stuck in their pens.