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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sad but true... but love and hope will prevail

About a month ago Virginia heard from some of her girls in the prison that a young Balinese inmate who was pregnant was either going to abort the child or abandon it. The baby is due about a week after she is released in mid July. This young lady at age 22 has already been in prison five times.

After discussing with Kadek and Yohana (the managers of Kingdom Kids Home) we have offered to look after the young lady until the baby is born, and to take care of it if she doesn't want it. The young lady has accepted our offer so once she is released we will accommodate her (not at the kids home) but somewhere close enough so that Kadek and Yohana can minister to her. It will indeed take a miracle but we pray that she will come to know Christ personally, and if that happens we know she will want to change from her life of crime and even more importantly keep her baby.

Please pray for her... she calls herself 'Bintang' (not her real name).

Two more!

On Monday we received two new children at Kingdom Kids Home, a brother and sister. Their names are Kadek Agus Widya who is 11 years old and his younger sister Komang Ebo Sepi Antari who is 8.

Agus and Ebo

Their mother deserted the family of 7 children and the father drives a truck between Bali and Surabaya on Java and is away most of the time and only home for a day or two during the week. There has been no family to look after them since the mother left and they have been fed by a lady from a nearby church, however they had stopped going to school as there was no one to care for them during the day, and they were usually on their own at night. The lady's pastor knew of Kadek and Kingdom Kids Home so he told the father who approached us and asked us to look after them.

We are hopeful the mum will return although after 3 months there isn't much hope.

The girls pick out some new clothes for Ebo 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Birthday in jail

We don't often get to post about Virginia's ministry in Kerobokan prison, mainly because photo's are not so easy to come by. But this particular event (mummy Virginia's birthday) was special so an extra effort was made.

Each year Virginia celebrates her birthday with her 'girls' in Kerobokan prison. Perhaps not the most salubrious of surroundings, but as Virginia says she is surrounded by friends.

Her relationship with the women of Kerobokan prison dates back to 2005 when the Bali nine were first arrested. In 2010 she began to focus on the 'foreign' women who were being arrested as drug mules. Coming from countries such as the Philippines and Thailand, as well as from Africa and Europe, most were without any support initially. More recently she has been running knitting classes for the 'local' women, but still provides support for the foreigners.

Birthday cake for mummy Virginia... with her 'knitting' girls
Virginia and Ampah (from Thailand) celebrate their birthdays together