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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Pig Farm is up and running!

Praise the Lord and thanks to some generous people our little pig farm has kicked off.

Start of the access road

After considerable preparation, building the access road, pig pen, shed and accommodation we have purchased our first four pigs, whose names are Missy Chalmers, Peppa Pig, Veronica and Missy Kessel. Obviously, all are sows and will be used to start our breeding program. We will allow them to settle in to their new surroundings before they become muma pigs. In June we will purchase another four sows.

Remodelling the old pigpen

Buildings taking shape

Hello piggies

Peppa gets a tub

Kadek found a young couple to live and work at the pig farm. They were living in a 'lean to' under a bridge in the poorest of conditions and were shovelling sand onto trucks for a living. They are so happy with their new situation and have proven a real 'Godsend' as both are excellent workers. Besides looking after the pigs, Kadek #2 (the young man) has also cultivated planting beds and has planted seeds for a whole range of crops, so we are looking forward to getting fresh vegies soon as well.

We have also built a larger chicken coup and moved the chickens from the kids home in Klungkung and now have over 100 chicks.