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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blessed to be a blessing

This story is a testament to the grace of God and affirms all that we are trying to do in Bali.

The old man in the hospital bed and the old lady with Kadek are both being baptised, are husband and wife and the granparents of one of our girls (Komang) at Kingdom Kids Home.

Through this ministry, three generations of the same family have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, the youngest and the oldest have now made their commitment to Christ and Komang's parents we believe will do the same. Sadly, just a few days after the grandfather was baptised in hospital he passed away, but his family can now rejoice.

The grandmothers accepting of Jesus is an interesting story in itself. She is house bound as she is unable to walk, never having recovered from a broken leg some time ago. Initially introduced to the gospel of Christ by the witness of her grand daughter, we provided her with a Balinese New Testament on an MP3 player, because she can neither read nor write. She then began asking many questions so Kadek spent time with her answering her many questions and she accepted Christ.

There is no greater gift than to see people saved, and when different generations of the same family come together in Christ, it is something very special.

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