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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hi Riski

Meet our latest little treasure, his name is Riski.

Every child has a story to tell and Riski's is similar to a couple of our other kids in that their situation is brought about by the desertion or death of the father, and the mother is unable to care for the child because of financial or cultural reasons.

Riski was actually born in Malaysia. His mother who was from Java had gained employment as a 'pembantu' (maid) in Malaysia, she met another young Javanese man working there and Riski was the result. However the young man returned to Java before Riski was born and was never heard of again even though Riski's mum tried to find him. When his mum returned to Java she and Riski were rejected by her family so they came to Bali so she could find work. Riski's mum then met and married a Balinese man but he wouldn't accept Riski as it would mean Riski would be the oldest boy in the family and according to Balinese tradition the oldest boy becomes the head of the family and receives most of the inheritance. So this poor little guy was rejected by his father, his mothers family, his mothers new husband and finally his mother, and was left with various people until we were contacted about his situation.

He seems a really bright and inquisitive little fella so I think he will do well when he starts school next July. At least now he has 'a hope and future'. Praise the Lord.

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