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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Meet Ni Luh Adeya Rebeka

Earlier this year a young man contacted Kadek and said his family had a big problem. His younger sister who still lives with her mum had been taken advantage of by a married man who had returned to their village for a ceremony, and she had become pregnant. Because the man wouldn't take responsibility it is considered a disgrace, and the family would have had to pay for a cleansing ceremony which would have cost Rp50,000,000 (over $5,000), an amount totally beyond the mother and her children.

So Kadek's young friend asked if we could look after his sister at Kingdom Kids Home until after the baby was born and he, his mother and sisters could decide what to do. And so Komang came to KKH in May, then on the 5th October baby Luh Adeya Rebeka was born.

Sadly, we have come to the realization that  Komang isn't capable of looking after the bub by herself, as she is slightly mentally handicapped. Initially she didn't even want Adeya but over time has become more interested. Having said that it is highly unlikely the bub would have survived if left solely in Komang's care. Komang's mother, brother and sisters have discussed at  length with us what is the best options for both the bub and Komang, bearing in mind that she can't return home

Komang and Marisa
to the village with her bub even if she wanted to. While no final decision has been made, it looks like the baby will be staying with us for a while.

We thank God for the very generous people who have sent baby needs from Australia. Thank you in particular  to Marisa, Debby and Gary.

Please pray for the best outcome for this precious little bundle and her mum.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Some pics from KKH

Our handsome boys with Tifany showing off their new shirts

 KKH received a visit from a special young lady who through her network of friends donated a heap of clothes for our older kids.
Nearly all the kids with Ketut & Nengah (carers)
Primary kids ready for school...

Lorens and Agus doing their ironing

Stephen and Johanne Brown from Australia brought over a heap of gear and expertise in first aid (Stephen is a paramedic). They donated their valuable time teaching the kids basic survival and revival skills including resuscitation techniques, treating snake bites, broken limbs etc.

Besides learning valuable skills the kids had heaps of fun.

Practice makes perfect...

Win Davis teaching the girls some 'crafty' tricks

The veggie garden waiting for rain

Preparing the new veggie garden