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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Seven birthdays at once!

With seven of our children having birthdays between Christmas day and the 3rd January we decided on two big cakes that were shared rather than breaking the bank with one each. After a usual tasty KKH meal there was plenty of room left for cake, and still plenty of cake left over for seconds.

Ni Luh, Komang, Erna, Rina, Alex & Musa

Unfortunately for little JoJo who turned five, he was away and so missed out... but I'm sure they will save him some!

Merry Christmas 2014

Unfortunately I had to return to Australia unexpectedly for a couple of weeks over the Christmas and New Year period, so sincere apologies that Christmas and New Year wishes from Kingdom Kids Home are a bit late.

Just prior to Christmas Kadek and Yohana were approached by the Rotary Club of Ubud and asked if the kids could sing some Christmas carols for their Christmas fund raiser. Kadek, along with a lot of help from some people from his church in Ubud taught the kids the songs and dance routines, as well as made their beautiful outfits.

They ended up doing three performances, the first at a Christmas outreach at Kadek's village in Besan, the second for the Rotary Club at the very nice Maya Resort in Ubud, and the last at Kuta International Christian Church in Legian.

At the Maya Resort in Ubud

Here are few brief excerpts from the kids performances; enjoy....
From (nearly) all the kids from Kingdom Kids Home, a blessed and merry Christmas!