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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Home churches

Because there is considerable opposition to new churches and persecution of new believers in some parts of Bali, underground home churches are becoming more common. It's a sad situation that
both the Hindu and Muslim communities feel threatened. From exactly what it is sometimes difficult to say, and the interesting thing is if you speak to the more educated Hindu's, many have quite a high regard for the Christian people.

Kadek oversees the home churches, and we have been very blessed with some very active people, witnessed by many new believers and baptisms. We are encouraging the home churches in simple ways buying fans, chairs, guitar for worship, and even a sewing machine which the women are using as an outreach as they teach the local women how to sew etc. We have also been able to support a persecuted family with housing.

Home church with new sewing machine and guitar

It's wonderful to see people from different nations, cultures and backgrounds working toward a common goal. For example we have had a wonderful partnership with Balicare (children's education sponsorship program) who have come together with some home church people in Northern Bali, and our kids from Kingdom Kids Home have also been involved translating letters from the sponsors to the children supported by Balicare.

Kids translating sponsor letters

Your Kingdom Come

Be encouraged as we see many new believers coming to the Lord especially in places that have historically been almost impossible to reach... best not to say exactly where.