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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Just some pics... of our precious kids

One big happy family

Mama Yohana & Tambun celebrate their birthday

Oma's (grandma's) birthday

Having a 'wonderful' time at Vicky & Richards hotel

Ben & Jojo

Icecream time, and suddenly all's quiet...

...including (especially) the girls!

Face painting

Oma teaches Samuel how to make a
cool bracelet from coke can 'ring pulls'

Watermelon parade

Claire practicing her bahasa while she has the chance???

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Land ahoy!

In the last blog email I sent out I alluded to some exciting news. At that time it wasn't confirmed but we can now say we have bought some land to establish a more permanent home for the kids. Everyone is so excited about it... especially the kids because now they have somewhere to keep the chickens!

The land is about 10 minutes east of Klungkung near a very small village called Gunaksa, and while it is currently set in an agricultural area it is still close to schools, a reasonable sized regional town and the main eastern distributor road from Denpasar. The land is smaller than we had originally hoped for but still a reasonable size, about 25 by 50 metres so we plan to eventually accommodate about 30 kids as well as up to 6 transient families.

It will become more than just a kids home, providing refuge for needy and outcast families, discipleship for new believers, skills training for adults and micro business assistance to enable them to get back into the community. It's an exciting time for us as we start to prepare our plans for the buildings which will probably come in stages, the children's accommodation being the priority.

We still have a long way to go before we see our vision realised, but we are certain God is with us and if that's the case, it will most certainly happen.

Please keep us in your prayers... they are being answered!

Fishing and planting

Kadek continues to reach out to his own people. Here he is talking to the man who found us the land (one of Kadek's 'fish'). I Nengah Batu practises 'Black' magic however Kadek was being trained in exactly the same things before he came to the Lord so as well as understanding the covering he has, he also understands intimately where these guys are. They are quite astounded when we tell them they cannot harm us as they have a very real power over their people.

Kadek also looks after about 45 home churches around Bali. Last week we went to Bon Dalem and baptised seven new believers, all as a result of outreach from the home churches.

I continue to be amazed at some of these people. At least one of the men in the photo above has lost his land, his inheritance, his family and his community all for the sake of the Lord. It is quite humbling to understand the cost to these people of their faith.

Through Kadek's denomination (GKII) a new 'place' in Bon Dalem has been set up where the new believers can meet together.

The home churches have leaders, however they are not ordained nor do they have access to many teaching resources so Kadek and I have a plan to hold a weekend 'retreat' for all the home church leaders to provide teaching and encouragement.

Seventeen?... you've got to be kidding!!!

About this time last year we lost Mangi and Mawar, and besides being greatly saddened it also meant we were back to 6 kids. But by January of this year we had 11, and now we have 17! The increase has come about mainly because we have received additional financial support from a church in Perth, and we thank God for their support and their desire to partner with us.

I really wish I could also name those faithful folks who have stood by this little ministry and come on board over the past couple of years. It has been you who have seen us through, but I know it is not being recognised publicly that is important, but simply about serving God as your priority, and what we see happening through that is just wonderful and fulfilling... thanks to all.

17 kids, Kadek, Yohana and the Kanganas family from MCC church in WA

Asron... our latest arrival

Asron is nearly two and a half years old and arrived with his mum Elisbet two weeks ago. Yohana had met them when she went to Rina and Irna's village in Sumba late last year and was very concerned about the state of the baby then, being severely malnourished and still unable to walk.

When he arrived at KKH he still couldn't walk properly, but it is amazing how resilient these children can be, because in the short time he has been with us, receiving good food and medical care he is now walking almost normally.

His time with us is still uncertain as there are some issues for his mum back in Sumba, but if he ends up staying permanently he will have a hope and a future.

Asron pushes baby Gede

Good news about Ibu Ketut

I have some encouraging news about Ibu Ketut, her baby Gede and daughter Vita.

The previous post to this one (in May) told of their situation. Since then Ketut's new husband has virtually abandoned her and baby Gede, now that his first wife has had a son. He was giving Ketut only 10,000 rupiah a week for her and the baby to live on ... that's less than one dollar. It beggars belief but these situations are not uncommon.

But thankfully, the arrival of the man's new son has enabled Ketut and her baby to return to KKH so that Ketut, her daughter Vita and baby Gede can live together, be safe and cared for. Additionally, Ketut is now employed as a live in carer.

This is the beginning of our family ministry.