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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ibu Ketut and baby Gede

You may recall from a previous post the situation that Ketut found herself. Deserted by her husband 2 years ago and pregnant to another man who said he would marry her if she gave him a son. About seven weeks ago Ketut had a baby boy, Gede (pronounced g'day). Ketut is now married, however things have not turned out as she had hoped.

Her new husband, who refused to take in Ketut's daughter from her previous marriage has not looked after Ketut or the baby either. When we took Ketut's daughter (Vita) to stay with her Mum and new brother for a couple of days she only ate rice and salt, and because Ketut had been having trouble with her milk she had been feeding the 1 month old baby, which was now yellow, with mashed banana's. I am certain that if Kadek and Yohana had not stepped in so that we could provide food and medical assistance the baby probably would not have survived.

We visited Ketut today where she is staying in a
Virginia, Ketut & bub, Yohana and Kadek
small room by herself (owned by a relative of her new husband). The latest is that the husband said he doesn't care if Ketut leaves and comes back to stay with us, but the baby must stay. If that happened the baby's chances of survival would be slim, and Ketut won't leave him. But if she stays her husband is not providing sufficient for them to live on.

We are working on a strategy that will see Komang (the husband) allow Ketut to return to the kids home with the baby so we can care for them. It's impossible at the moment because it is Balinese custom that a baby cannot leave the village until it is 3 months old. We are hopeful that we can persuade her husband but it will not be easy, because this is his first son, his other wife having had three daughters. Please pray for a positive outcome.

In the meantime we are providing food, medicine and essentials. Our main aim is to first ensure that Ketut can produce enough breast milk to feed the bub.


In an earlier post (2nd Feb) I mentioned a young Christian family that had been rejected by his parents and their community because they became Christians. They have had to put one of their children in an orphanage in Denpasar and their second oldest daughter will be coming to Kingdom Kids Home next month, they have four young children.

After spending some time with them we have decided to assist them with a small micro-business loan. The hope is that it will enable them to be able to eventually bring their children back and reunite the family. Gede (pronounced g'day) is an artist and he paints wall hangings painted on wood. You can see a picture of his 'shop' in Ubud below. He called his shop 'Yestoya' which is short for 'Yesus tolong saya' or 'Jesus help me'.

Komang Kemenuh

Last year a young Balinese woman by the name of Komang gave her life to Jesus at Kingdom Kids Home. Today she has been accepted at the Robert Jaffray Bible College (CMA) in Makassar, Sulewesi to study to become a pastor. I spoke in an earlier post of the high's and low's of our ministry. It doesn't get much better than this and I have to say that a tear came to my eyes when I heard the news.

Komang has little money and is totally reliant on the Lord for her provision. Anyone who would like to assist with sponsorship can contact me at The total cost for the six month course will be $250 for air tickets, $260 for the college fees and accommodation, and $370 for food. We would be more than happy to accept small donations or monthly support.

It's hard not to be blessed

As time goes by we are reminded of the privilege and blessing it is to care for these kids. And we are astounded as we realize it will soon be seven years since we started the children's home ministry. Our first four kids came as dirty little urchins with little in the way of social skills, knowing nothing outside of their remote village and no hope of an education or a future. Today we see Darmawan who we can now say is a young man... and what a gem. Ben, Musa and Tambun are also great kids and each of them have grown and developed beyond our hopes. All of our kids are treasures.

Here are a few pics.

Mama Ni Luh (7) feeds Jojo (3)

Musa's birthday

Cheeky Ni Luh


Vita in traditional dress

At the beach


Growing family - 3 more coming next month!

Irna & Rina


Too cute for words

A hope and a future...

"But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour in the Lord is not in vain" (1 Corinthians 15:57-58).

Regardless of who we are, or who we build ourselves up to be, sometimes things get us down. And nothing can be more true in the 'business' of trying to 'do good'. In our ministry there are consistently times of high's and low's, as we see beautiful children previously without hope coming alive as they are given a chance in life, people being loved and cared for who have not known love, and people coming to real freedom that can only be found in their Lord and Saviour. And then we see children snatched away by by a culture that only know's self interest, and people that you pour your heart into, seemingly incapable of helping themselves unable to climb out of their misery.

So I thank God that regardless of the low's, we have the strength to 'stand firm' knowing that our labours are not in vain... no matter how disappointed, no matter how difficult.

Please continue to pray for Darsini, Repin, Timan, Mangi and Mawar