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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Lord continues to move

A few months ago we met a young Balinese couple named Gede & Ni Luh who had become Christians but sadly were rejected from Gede's family and village. Ni Luh's family didn't seem concerned so they went and stayed with them, and Gede and Ni Luh were able to witness their new found faith in Christ.

Through providence they met up with Kadek and invited us to go to the village and talk with their parents, which we did about 2 months ago and also left them with a solar powered MP3 player with the New Testament in Balinese.

A couple of weeks ago they invited us back to learn more about the Lord Jesus. We were able to explain the Gospel to them and Kadek was also able to contextualize into their Hindu understanding. We have also found a most enthusiastic evangelist in Ni Luh.

What is most exciting is we found there are a couple of other clandestine Christians living close to their village, so we are hoping to plant a small church in their village. The challenge will be how do we support them. Please pray for the people of Bon Dalem and particularly Ni Luh's parents and the church plant.

Kadek and his 'fish'