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Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Latest Treasure

After some delay Jojo (Joshua) has arrived. He was adopted as a baby and his adopted Mum who was a wonderful Christian lady from Java died of cancer. Unfortunately, Jojo's adopted dad didn't do a great job of caring for him so his wider family arranged for him to come to Kingdom Kids Home.

Rina, Jojo and Irna

Jojo is still wary of older males but is beginning to relax and feel more at home with his new family. The next thing is to get him into pre school. Please pray for this little guy... like all the others he is special!

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 - Looking ahead... and a huge thanks to our supporters

First, perhaps a brief recap on 2013. We have been blessed in so many ways and challenged in others. Sadly we lost two of our precious kids Mangi and Mawar, but have gained Ni Luh, Rena, Irna, Vita and Alex... and then Samuel turned up on our doorstep 12 months after his step mum took him back from the kids home at Pemogan. And... shortly we are expecting Joshua (4), Kadek (9) and another boy whose name I don't know yet!

With the number of kids expanding it has presented some challenges, not least of which was keeping the children's home numbers down to around 8 kids, it's now 11. Our reasoning was that we didn't want the children's home to become like a large (less personal) institution and we wanted it to retain more of a family atmosphere. The original idea was to replicate the homes, and this is still possible however the big challenge is finding the right (live-in) people to manage a second home. We have been extremely blessed with Kadek & Yohana; finding more of them is the challenge.

There are also other ways we can do it, and our long term plan covers that issue, but that is for the future.

Another exciting aspect of the 'kids home' ministry has been the assistance given to 'fatherless' families and to a young Balinese family that has suffered persecution since becoming Christian. Thankfully no serious violence was involved but the family was ejected from their wider family and their village. A bit more on the more positive outcome in a later post.

So in a nutshell, we are looking forward to 2014 with great expectation. This time last year we started not knowing how we were going to manage financially, but our God is faithful and here we one year later looking to bring more kids in and assisting more broken and harassed families.

We are learning to wait on the Lord, but at the same time to step out in faith. Please keep the 'Kingdom Kids Home' in your prayers this year. God's abundant blessing to you.

Thank you from the kids and 'Meo' (short for Romeo)

Christmas 2013

Musa cooking satay
Ni Luh looking busy

Again this year Kadek had his Christmas celebration & outreach in his home village (Besan) which is about 10km's from the kids home, and this year the KKH kids all helped. 2,500 satay's and accompanying side dishes are prepared by the villagers and then distributed to the households. Kadek works very hard to maintain the acceptance of his little Christian community in the village... but it is a constant struggle as was recently the case when he was told to close down his pig farm. After the food preparation the elders and village dignitaries were invited and later attended the event.

The workers are few and the watchers are many!

Christmas & Holidays!

Because the school year in Indonesia starts in July, the kids get a two week break mid year at Christmas time. We have some Dutch friends in Singaraja (the original capital city in north Bali) who have a fantastic orphanage ministry that has been running since 2001.

They invited us to celebrate Christmas with them. Our kids had a ball and slept there over night while we (Virginia, Kadek, Yohana and I) stayed in a hotel. The next morning we were up at 5am and took the kids out in motorized canoes to watch the dolphins. I am absolutely kicking myself because I forgot my camera and could have got some absolutely amazing shots. Duh! Needless to say all the kids loved it (except poor little Irna who got sea-sick)!

Over the Christmas break we also took the kids to a 'water park' and of course the obligatory trip to the beach.

Irna, Ni Luh, Vita & Rina

Kadek & Yohana lead the kids in devotions before dinner