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Friday, November 22, 2013

Alex - Our Latest Arrival

Just before we went back to Oz we were told by the local school that Rina and Irna attend, that they would have to get copies of their primary school certificates if they wanted to continue at Junior High school in Bali. The problem was that the certificates had to have their fingerprints, and the certificates had to be fingerprinted at their original school! This meant that before they could be issued they would have to return to Sumba (the island they came from - see post 20th July).

So we purchased air tickets for Yohana and the two girls and off they went. While in Sumba Yohana witnessed the abject poverty of the village that Rina and Irna come from. She was offered infants to bring back and care for but obviously couldn't take them.

Two weeks later a little boy turned up, about 10 years old who had been put on a boat in Sumba (on his own) and shipped to Bali to come and find Rina and Irna. So we have another one!

Alex is a great little guy, but he can't speak Indonesian, has some really bad skin disorder mainly because of poor diet and dodgy drinking water, and is still very unsure about his future. But he will get used to his new home, and a whole new family that will love him and care for him.

Hey Samuel!!!

I have become almost expectant that God will work things out. Almost exactly a year ago Samuel's adopted Mum (Samuel was adopted at birth) came to the children's home when it was at Pemogan and took Samuel back; she had left Samuel at the children's home 2 years earlier saying she and her husband could no longer care for him.

Two days before we were due to return to Australia Kadek was contacted by a lady who asked if we could take her son. It turned out to be Samuel! The woman was Samuel's adopted mum and it turned out her husband had died and she had become ill and was unable to care for him. What were the chances that she would contact Kadek, not knowing that they were now caring for the kids that used to be at Pemogan?

Samuel hasn't been to school since last year and it is now too late for him to start this school year so he will now have to wait till  next July to re-start his education. Better late than never.

A Life Changed That Is Changing Lives

You might recall an earlier post (July 21st) which told Isaac's story, a young guy on the verge of suicide.

We recently heard from Isaac that he is on his way to Cambodia to set up a new children's home! After he got back to Malaysia he had been so impacted by his new commitment to Jesus and his experience while at Kingdom Kids Home that he realized the Lord has a whole new plan for his life.


Isaac at his baptism in Bali with Kadek

Just Back From Oz

Back 'home' in Bali after 4 weeks in Australia, the main purpose being my fathers 90th birthday. It was a great time as family gathered from all over Australia to celebrate the 'old boy's' milestone.

We are so thankful to the many people who accommodated and helped us while back in Australia. Especially to Peter & Judy, George & Shelley, Ron & Sandy, Bill, Shireen, Jamie & Tash and to Rog & Louise... a big thank you and may the lord bless you all.

We saw lots of this... 3,500 kms

Most say the 'Back o' Bourke... we say 'Back at Bourke'.

Plenty of these along the way

Nearly at Ron & Sandy's

We're used to orphans... but not this kind

Some people think we do it tough... accommodation at the Penny's