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Monday, October 7, 2013

Almost There

When we first came to Bali looking for ministry opportunities in 2004 we met a special lady who has an orphanage in Kuta. Her vision to see Balinese street kids raised in the knowledge of the Lord, give their lives to Christ and take the Gospel back to their villages inspired us. It remains the central hope of the 'Kingdom Kids Home' ministry.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were to hear that Darmawan (the eldest boy from Bukit Sari village) who has been with us for 6 years asked Kadek to go with him to his village to preach while Darmawan would lead worship on his guitar. However there was a problem with transportation because you can't get to Bukit Sari by car and it is even too much for the modern scooter that Kadek uses.

However God is our provider and in July we received a generous gift from Melville City Church in Perth Australia, so we committed AU$600 to buy a suitable bike for Kadek and Darmawan to travel to Bukit Sari. They plan their first visit the middle of this month.

Darmawan checks out the 'ministry mobile'

How good is that!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Reaching Out To Another Deserted Mum

Ketut's situation is one that we hear of time and again. She was abandoned by her first husband leaving her with her little daughter Vita. Being a Hindu she is an outcast because the man she married was a Moslem so there is no one to help. She has been working as a part time cleaner at the local doctor's practice making enough to survive.

Ketut, Vita & Ni Luh

Seeking security she allowed herself to be seduced by a Balinese man who was already married and 'was looking for a second wife because his first wife only had daughters'. After Ketut became pregnant to the man he said he would then wait to see if she had a boy before deciding if he would marry her. However it seems he has now deserted her completely as she has been unable to contact him for weeks.

She has been coming to the children's home with little Vita each day where Yohana is counseling and reassuring her. Vita is in the same class as Ni Luh. We are already paying for Vita's schooling this year and have told Ketut we will look after her medical expenses and care for her during her pregnancy and after the birth.

Please pray for Ketut, for her salvation and for Vita and the expected bub.

The Boys Learn Some New Skills

We believe it is important to teach the children as many and varied things as possible, which includes some basic building skills. Thanks to Hope Valley Church from South Australia who are regular visitors to Bali and support many ministries throughout the island, they donated a large sum that enabled us to buy everything needed to repaint the kids home. The initial idea was for the Hope Valley team to do the painting but time ran out, so it was a great opportunity to teach the kids and let them do it themselves.

They really had fun... and although not yet finished they have done a great job.

More recently they tried their hands at carpentry, building a cover for the washing area and a clothes line.

Kids Home Happenings

It's been a while since the last post and quite a bit has been happening at the kids home. All of the children have started their new school year with four of the kids (Musa, Tambun, Rina and Irna) all starting SMP (Junior High School). We have been blessed by Balicare who are now sponsoring $100 per year toward each of the children's education.

Tambun has been placed in the premier school in the Regency and put in a special class for the top students and will complete Junior High School in two years instead of three.




Ni Luh