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Sunday, July 21, 2013

God is good... and amazing!


It is amazing how the Lord restores one's soul. After a terribly disappointing time last week we have been greatly encouraged, first by the arrival of two young girls at the kids home on Monday, and yesterday we baptised Komang Kemanuh and Isaac. Komang gave her life to Jesus at the kids home recently (see earlier post).


Isaac who is from Malaysia was quite recently contemplating suicide. His mother had met Kadek while visiting Bali 12 months ago and she was so worried about her son that she sent him to stay with Kadek at the kids home.

After only a week he also committed his life to the Lord and wanted to be baptised before going back to Malaysia.

There was a big surf rolling in so we couldn't baptise them in the sea but we found lovely big pool right next to the beach. And right next to the pool a Hindu funeral was taking place... a poignant contrast.

More than just a children's home
It is hard for me to put into words how wonderful it is to see this ministry becoming what it was ultimately hoped for... not just a children's home but a place of restoration for broken families, disadvantaged and orphaned children, the poor and the persecuted. It is only happening in a small way at the moment, but it is happening.

Kadek summed things up perfectly the other day when he said God is blessing this ministry because now people are coming to us, seeking what it is that they see and hear about. Two weeks ago three people came to the kids home to talk to Kadek about Jesus. Two of the people were locals form Klungkung and there was a lady with them who came all the way from Negara (3 hours by motorbike). She gave her life to the Lord and wants to be baptised but is afraid to tell her husband.

Interestingly the kids themselves play a significant part in the ministry because many Balinese want to know why we care for these children? It is a witness to them.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

God is good - two new kids!

Two days after the disappointment of coming back without Mangi and Mawar, a  young man about 18 years of age and two young girls arrived at the kids home. The young fella was in a real state because his young sister and cousin had just arrived at the kos (single room) he is staying at. It turns out his father had put them on a boat (on their own) in Sumba with a one way ticket to Bali and instructions to find the brother so he could look after them. Milkee (the brother) works part time in the morning and goes to school in the afternoon so there was no way he was able to care for them.

At that time we didn't know for certain if Mangi and Mawar were coming back so we had to make a decision assuming that they were. It is heartbreaking to see children in these situations but we get many requests to take kids in and have to say no. These two young girls didn't fit the assessment guidelines we use either, however after praying and much soul searching we agreed to take them, much to Milkee's relief. The fact is they had absolutely nowhere else to go.

So we have two new kids, Rina and Irna.

Irna, Ni Luh and Rina

Angry with God

It is part and parcel of life in this ministry but it never gets any easier when we lose a child, and this time it was two.

Mawar with her Mum and Yohana
Last week we went to pick up Mangi and Mawar from their village after a short stay with their mum (Darsini) but we couldn't find them, and were then told by the village priest they couldn't come back to the children's home... because we are Christian.

It makes no difference that the kids will no longer go to school, will live in abject poverty and go back to survival mode by begging and stealing and getting whatever work they can. Mangi is twelve and Mawar is nine. None of their relatives, nor anyone in the community will help them... but that doesn't make any difference.

Mangi at the front with Mujianto, Repin & Kadek
Actually I am not angry at any of the people, that's their culture and that is simply the way they think... but when we had to leave the village without the kids I have to admit I was angry with God. We are all shattered by what's happened, but we know we have to trust in God and believe that everything will turnout for the best, even though at the moment we can't see how.

The really sad thing is that I know that if we went and offered the priest sufficient money there wouldn't be a problem. And that becomes a real dilemma because ultimately it is the children's welfare at stake. But we know we can't do that so we will 'wait upon the Lord' and trust in Him.

Please pray that one day soon Mangi and Mawar will be allowed to return.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Family Restored

In an earlier post I relayed the story of Pak Mujianto, a man who had grieved his family terribly and abandoned them years ago, but by the grace of God gave his life to Jesus just recently.

I mentioned that all of his family with the exception of one daughter totally rejected him. The rejection due to Pak Mujianto's actions has created a spirit of animosity that pervades the entire family, it even creates outbursts of disagreement and anger between the siblings as was witnessed last week following Pak Mujianto's baptism.

Pak Mujianto's daughter Anna and her brother Besik had a violent argument over their father. The brother
saying Mujianto was deceiving everyone about his conversion. Kadek intervened and brought a spirit of peace into the situation, to the point that the brother reluctantly agreed to meet with his father, something that was previously unthinkable.

So Besik came to the Kingdom Kids Home where Mujianto is staying and met with his father. To cut a long story short, in the end there was weeping and complete forgiveness and reconciliation, between father and son and between brother and sister.
Kadek and Pak Mujianto at his baptism

Mujianto then asked his son and daughter to go back to Surabaya (where the family is from originally) and to speak to his wife and the other children, firstly so that he can meet with them, but then to reconcile with them and tell them about the real Jesus.

If anyone can tell me that anything other than the power of God can overcome a totally broken family like this then I would be happy to hear about it. All we can say is praise the Lord.