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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ibu Komang and her two Children

Ibu Komang's story
Wayan, Ngh & Ibu Komang
Nearly two years ago Ibu Komang's husband was killed when he fell from a coconut tree he was climbing to collect the syrup that makes palm sugar. Balinese Hindu tradition requires that if someone is killed in this manner it is bad karma and requires a special ceremony. So Ibu Komang who had just lost the family 'bread winner' was required to find Rp6.000.000 (about $600) to pay for the ceremony. To put it into perspective that is the equivalent of more than half the cost of a village home for the poorer people.

Ibu Komang was forced to borrow the money and is paying it off. Her sole means of income is twice daily going into the forest and collecting fire wood and selling it for Rp10.000 per bundle, so she makes at best about Rp20.000 ($2) per day. Thankfully we have been able to get sponsorship for her two children's school fees from Balicare Foundation, however the money she earns must pay for everything else including the loan.

To make matters even more difficult she will also need to find more money to have her husband cremated. He has been buried but will have to be exhumed and cremated when she finds the money.

Another step towards our vision
Ibu Komang and her two children represents a new season for our ministry here in Bali. It has always been our vision to help the widows and the orphans, which to us means keeping families together who have lost their husband and father through death or polygamy.

Ibu Komang is one of many ladies in need but we decided it was time to pursue our vision of a 'community' ministry rather than a children's ministry only. This is the first step as this young family will come and live at Eternity Kingdom Kids Home where Ibu Komang will also be employed as a carer for the children.

But ultimately our plan is to buy land and start a community centre that caters for families such as Ibu Komang, providing a home, support, education, skills training and most important, a witness of the grace of God and the love of His son Jesus Christ.