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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hi from the Kids (and Max)

Just a brief hello from Kadek, Yohana and the Kids at Eternity Kingdom Kids Home.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Special Prayer Request

As many of you know we are trying desperately to get Ibu Darsini to the 'Eternity Kingdom Kids Home' so that she can be reunited with her children and be cared for. Unfortunately an extremely difficult and complex situation has arisen. Before Darsini can come we have to get permission from her extended family, the local village Banjar (ruling council) as well as the local high priest (Hindu). The local high priest happens to be a relative of Darsini's and found out that one of her children (Timan) had been baptised as a Christian. This has caused a huge problem even though they don't seem concerned that Darsini herself has become a Christian, however it is currently stopping her from coming.

It is a complex cultural situation and the only solution will be through prayer. So please pray that Kadek will be able to navigate through the complexities and pacify the people so that Darsini can be cared for. It is quite heart-breaking as she desperately wants to come with us.

Blessed by Canadian kids and Indonesian students

A huge thanks to the children at St Marks Lutheran Church in Canada!

Pastor Trent Felstrom passed on a very generous gift from the children that enabled us to purchase a much needed computer for the children's home.

At the same time Kingdom Kids Home was visited by a group of students from Jakarta which was organised by Pastor Trent. The students heard a report and testimony from Ps Kadek who oversees the kids home and then had a meal with the children and played some games. The kids really enjoyed the time with the students especially the chess games! Before returning home their supervising teacher also gave a donation on behalf of the students. We are so very thankful.

So it was wonderful to see the generosity of the children from St Marks and the students from Jakarta combine to bless the children at 'Eternity Kingdom Kids Home'. Their generosity enabled us to purchase a small computer and a copy of Microsoft Office which will be a huge benefit to our children in their studies...

...from Darmawan, Benjamin, Musa, Tambun, Mangi, Mawar and Yodi a very big THANK YOU!

From L-R: Benjamin, Yohana (carer), Yodi, Mawar (with computer),
Kadek (carer), Mangi,  Musa , Tambun and Darmawan below.

Special help

Two young boys (brothers) from Kadek's village (Besan) whose education has been sponsored by Balicare both have a minor disability and have trouble with reading, in fact they can't read at all even though they in classes 4 & 6. So a few weeks ago we engaged a special teacher for a trial period of 3 months and praise God already they are making good progress.

Made & Putu hard at work