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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January Update

Mawar & Mangi go on a trip to Java

Before coming to the children's home, Mangi and Mawar had never been outside their village. So the trip on the ferry across to Java was a huge adventure. At first they were frightened when they saw the buses being 'swallowed' by the big boat, and Mangi still hasn't come to grips with how a spoon sinks but a huge boat can float.

In late March we hope to take all of the children for an educational trip to Yogyakarta.

Darsini Update

Kadek is gradually going through the arduous task of meeting with family, village elders and the Banjar to get permission for Darsini to leave her 'hovel' and come and live with her children in Klungkung. Please keep praying... we need it.

English woman sentenced to death

Sadly the lady Virginia has been helping since her arrest in May last year for drug trafficking received the death sentence at Denpasar court last week. It came as a dreadful shock particularly in view of the fact that the prosecution only requested a 15 year jail term. Please pray the appeal will be successful.

Wedding Anniversary

Virgy and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary on the 21st. Thanks to a very generous offering we were able to treat ourselves to 3 days on Gili Meno which is a very small, quiet island off Lombok... just what the doctor ordered.

Jeff's Birthday

Yes another year rolls by... and we had a great day with the Kadek, Yohanna and the kids. They went to a huge amount of effort and I was really touched with the cards that they all made, and the little dolphins that Darmawan carved from soap.

Trip to Negara to build the goat shelter

Darmawan at work while Kadek supervises

After buying some wood, metal roof sheets, nails and screws we set to work. We certainly won't win any awards for architecture or build quality, but it will keep the goats dry.

Spot the 'billy'?

As it turns out 'Billy' has been a bit of a dud... no little billy's on the way as yet. But Kadek tells me if he doesn't lift his game and produce in the first 12 months we can swap him for another one!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Kadek's Christmas celebration in his village is bearing fruit.

A 17 year old girl who helped prepare the food came to see Kadek and asked him about the movie and about what Jesus said. She also asked if the words in the movie were written down, so Kadek gave her a Bible.

Then, when Kadek was on his way to a home church in his village he was stopped by two men who had been at the Christmas preparation night. "Is it the truth"? they asked, referring to the movie. Kadek replied... "there is a book about it" and offered them a Bible, which they took.

On Christmas day Wayan Korde came and asked Kadek... "How can I become a disciple of Jesus"?  So Kadek sat and talked with him and read from the (Balinese) Bible.

As Kadek says... at Christmas time when people hear about Jesus they come to Him because they are hungry and thirsty for Gods word of truth. Praise God and amen.