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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Introducing Nita

You know it's difficult  to continue to write about people in need. I think to myself does anyone really want to read about this stuff? But when you are there, seeing the conditions that some of these people are in, without a hope or a future...

But you know that ultimately there is a hope, and it's what keeps us going and not giving up hope... and that comes from being able to pray to a God who we know hears and we know who cares, not just about the temporal but also about the eternal. That is our hope for these people.

10 year old Nita

We visited a small community in a village called Banyu Wedeng which is in the north west corner of Bali. It's an extremely dry area populated by many poor communities that live in these arid areas where it's difficult to grow anything.

The main purpose was to visit a little girl named Nita who has some major health problems. She developed a fever at about 7 months and with minimal (or at best incompetent) health care she rapidly declined. Her growth is stunted, her bones are malformed and now she is growing a soft tissue tumor on the back of her head.

Her parents don't even have the money to transport her to hospital let alone pay for an operation or treatment.

Nita and her mum

Every thirty seconds or so she seems to wince with pain. To be honest I'm not sure we can do anything for this precious little thing. We are praying for healing and I think it will take nothing short of a miracle to cure her... but we continue to pray anyway.

Nita's home

Billy's a happy goat

Back to Negara on Friday and picked up Billy after wrestling him to the ground and binding his feet...

...we then loaded him into the back of the car and delivered him to his new home...

...where Ibu Wayan's little goat herd will hopefully multiply and start producing an income.

The next project will be to build a basic shelter so that kids will be kept dry when they are born, as well as providing some shelter for the herd.

While there we also gave this poor and illiterate Christian family a Balinese New Testament on an MP3 player complete with USB solar charger (there's no electricity and they can't afford batteries). It was great watching the delight on their faces as they heard the word of God in their heart language.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Highs 'n' Lows of everyday ministry in Bali

At 5am this morning we set off for Negara. First stop was a brief visit with Kadek's uncle who is a Hindu. We were able to pray for him and his daughter Eni whose husband deserted her. She has confessed a faith in the Lord and I think she will become a strong believer.

Pak Dendro & goats

Next was to check on how the two female goats we gave to Ibu Wayan and Pak Dendro were going. We were delighted to see them looking healthy and that they are ready to start breeding. So we went to the local 'goat yard' and picked a 2 year old male that looks 'ready to go'. Next Friday we'll go back to pick him up, and hopefully he will be a 'productive' purchase.

Ibu wayan & Putu

We have four kids in Negara whose education costs are supported through Balicare Foundation. One of our tasks on this trip was to photograph the kids for their sponsors (Ibu Wayan's son Putu is one of them).

Sadly we found that we are no longer able to support Aris, one of the four kids. His mother is a Balinese Christian but she is married to a Madurese Muslim man. As is the Muslim custom they recently returned to his village for Idul Fitri (end of Ramadan). The village Imam's confronted her and said she had to become Muslim, which she resisted and told them that 'in her heart' she was Christian. When they returned home her husband who had previously been thankful for our assistance with his son's education, turned on his wife, refused her any more contact with Christians, burnt her face and lips in several places with a cigarette, and forbade any future assistance or contact with us (Christians). Please pray for God's protection for Ibu Gini (pronounced 'geenee') and to strengthen her wonderful faith.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Time Has Come

Some of you know, and if not, have heard me speak of a crippled lady called Dasini. We currently have two of her children in our Kids Home. Darsini's story is tragic... in fact her life is tragic. Ever since I met her in 2005 we have tried many times to do small things to help, but all have been in vain.

To make matters more challenging, Dasini gave her life to Jesus in a genuine commitment to the Lord back in January 2007, however it seemed to make little difference to her lot. Each day she pulls herself along the ground about 100 metres from the hovel she lives in to the roadway where she sits and begs as cars infrequently drive past. Unfortunately it has become increasingly apparent that Dasini is also having some mental issues as no one wants to know her, no one wants to talk to her, so she talks to herself.
Mawar feeds her Mum

Her husband lost everything they had, which was some farming land and a basic dwelling through gambling (cock fighting), so now they squat in a dwelling made from loose rocks, bamboo and plastic.

We have had all sorts of plans to help Dasini, but none have ever come to fruition for a whole range of reasons. However, since meeting my friend Kadek, a Balinese full of the compassion of Christ things have started to change.

Yesterday we visited Dasini and her husband Pak Repin. Before we left Dasini prayed, and while she was praying I clearly knew the time had come to do something. Our plan is to bring Dasini and her husband to Klungkung where he will work, possibly in Kadek's pig farm. We will look for a house close to the Kids Home so she will be able to spend a lot of her time there with the kids and ultimately reunite the family.

There are so many things that have to 'come together' for this to happen. We need to get permission from Dasinis's parents for her to move (cultural), find work for Pak Repin (Dasini's husband), extract Timan (Dasini's oldest son) from the influence of his uncle who is a priest and doesn't want him to come, find a house that is close to the kids home and suitable for her, find a carer who has a genuine heart for Dasini, and of course finances to do it all. But I am convinced God is saying 'the time has come'. 

Please pray for our plans for Dasini and her family.

'Kingdom Kids Home' Opening Celebration

The establishment of our new children's home was celebrated last night and we were blessed to be part of it. God is faithful, and the way He has made something wonderful come out of a situation that we had all but given up on is nothing short of miraculous.

It was a great night with songs of praise, blessing being spoken over the children and the home, as well as praying over the kids and of course hot, spicy Balinese food. In the morning Kadek picked up three of the parents from Bukit Sari village so they were able to spend the day with the kids, attend our little opening ceremony and stayed the night with them.

It is actually difficult for me to articulate how I am feeling at the moment. A few inadequate words would be delighted, amazed, thankful and excited because I see a wonderful future for this ministry, and I believe God is willing for us to move forward. All that can be said is praise the Lord.


I'll just finish by relaying a story Kadek told me about little Mangi. Kadek believes there is something very special about him. Mangi comes from an environment where stealing and begging is just a part of life, a normal everyday thing to do. Last week when Kadek was leading the kids in Bible study and they were studying the 'greatest commandment', Mangi said "we have been climbing up the mango tree over the road and taking mango's and we don't even know who owns it, so even though we don't know him we are not loving him like our neighbour". And a couple of days later the kids were watching TV and one of the boys commented on a pretty lady. There was also an old woman on the show and Mangi commented she was just as beautiful. The rest of the kids made fun of Mangi, so much so he was crying about it the next morning. When Kadek inquired about it, he asked Mangi why he said the old woman was beautiful. Mangi replied that the young 'pretty' lady would one day be old also... and this from a 10 year old!

Mangi and his sister Mawar

Friday, November 9, 2012

3½ weeks and 3,500km

It has been great to get back to Oz and catch up with family and friends, but we are happy to be back in Bali and looking forward to the new things that we see ahead.

We did a lot of driving back home but all the k's were worthwhile. A special mention to all those wonderful people who refreshed our spirits. To Tina and Danny, George & Shelley, Pat and Alan and all the crew at Bourke, Rog and Louise, Luke & Rowie, Peter & Judy, Bill and Shireen, Jamie and Tash, Heidi & Valeria, Pam, Carmen and Justine, thanks so much for your love, friendship and hospitality, may the Lord bless you all.

After settling in I visited our new kids home at Klungkung. Kadek and Yohana are doing an amazing job and we feel really blessed as we see the kids flourishing under their care. There is some amazing stuff happening with those kids. Praise God.

Some news about that and other pending adventures coming soon.