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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nearly there... and happy anniversary!

It's now been nearly a month since we agreed to rent the new home in Klungkung for the children. It's been a long haul getting the kids into new schools and setting up the new 'rumah sanggat' (children's home) but we're nearly there thanks to a lot of very hard work from Kadek and Yohana. All we're waiting on now is the new steel double bunks that are being made and they are due any day now.

The kids seem really excited about their new home, and have even been squabbling over who will be in which room. Here are a few recent pic's...

Tambun and Musa doing their washing

The kids are encouraged to share their week with Kadek

Team sport?

down the beach

Mangi and Mawar helping Kadek

Time for homework

Virginia's update

Virginia has also been absolutely flat out this past month or two as she has had to become very involved with an English lady who is facing a probable death sentence for drug smuggling. The woman's sister has flown over from England as the court case is expected to start shortly. To say it's been a stressful time for Virgy would be an understatement but she has done a magnificent job and been an amazing witness, and  continually calling on the Lord to renew her strength.

So we're both really looking forward to our break back in Australia, catching up with family and friends and reconnecting with church back home. We leave tomorrow (11th) and returning to Bali on the 5th November. Strange as it may sound I can't wait to get back to see what God has in store.

It's hard to believe but it will be three years tomorrow (11th) since we moved to Bali... it's been great, but what a ride!