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Friday, August 10, 2012

Trip to Mojokerto (East Java)

Just returned from a trip to Mojokerto which turned out to be quite special. 

The purpose of the trip was just to go to Surabaya to find a cheap car that Kadek and I could use to visit the many home/underground churches in the villages of Bali, however there is always opportunity to find people in need of the ministry of our Lord and Saviour no matter where you go.

We came across a small Christian kindergarten that is about to close down and also some people in need of healing from addiction and illness.

The Kindergarten

The kindergarten has been running for 10 years and is the only Christian school in the area so it's a real tragedy as they cater mainly to poor Christian families providing low cost education.  The four teachers have only been getting around Rp150,000 (US$15) per month. The guy who owns the building and the land is selling it because he needs the money and the support they had been receiving has stopped.

We prayed with the headmistress and teachers. Seeing their tears and hearts for the children was a humbling experience.

Anyone interested in a school?

Prayer for healing

Freddy, Kadek's aunty, Gemati's mum, Gemati and Kadek
Kadek's aunty is caring for four people in her home, Freddy has drug and alcohol addictions and Gemati  has difficulty swallowing and pains in her neck. It's amazing how important prayer becomes when there isn't an option for a doctor. 

That faith was rewarded recently when Kadek's aunty prayed for Gemati's sister who had breast cancer and was healed. Praise the Lord.

Kadek and I prayed for Freddy, Gemati and Kadek's aunty. When I asked Kadek's aunty if there was anything special she wanted me to pray for, she said for the local church which has no interest in helping her ministry. 

Return trip to Bali

Kadek had to return to Bali urgently as there are big problems for his church in Aceh, so I decided to fly back with him instead of driving back with Andrew. The 45 minute $35 flight was well worth it instead of the usual nightmare 14 hour drive. Back in 2004 the same 400km trip once took me 28 hours!

Flying over Mount Bromo on return trip to Bali

Introducing Kadek and our vision

My friend Kadek is a Balinese Christian with a heart... a heart for God and and a heart for people, as well as being a committed evangelist and church planter.

Over the past 8 months I have cautiously watched and worked with Kadek to ascertain his motives, integrity and anointing and as a result I have committed to working with him to fulfill what I believe God has called me to do in Bali. Simply stated that is to see many (Balinese and Indonesians) come to glory.

Sharing the 'good news' with the Balinese Hindu's and the majority Indonesian Muslims has its challenges. Both are difficult and both can be dangerous. The Muslims can be more extreme but those who aren't are generally more open to 'the truth' than the average Balinese Hindu.

The challenge for the Balinese who is convicted by the Holy Spirit and wishes to declare their faith is complete and final ostracizing from family, community and village, and is sometimes accompanied by physical violence.

Kadek and I have a vision to create a place of respite for new believers where they can find safety, a place to stay and be fed, a loving and accepting community and discipling in their faith. The goal is to send them back to the villages so they in turn can share the love of the true and living God and birth new home churches.

As well as the 'poor in spirit' there is also a place to help the needy and with well over half the Indonesian population surviving on less than US$2 per day there is no limit to those in need.

However my experience over the past eight years has made me realize that most of the efforts in the past to help the needy have at best produced minimal outcomes. Wisdom, diligence and a fundamental belief in the importance of proclaiming a foundational faith in the 'Word of God' must be the basis of our strategy to help the needy. Anything less is not enough. So our vision includes a place to witness, nurture and train both in God's word and in skills development, those in need.

Finally, our ministry is based on the following scriptures:
1. Matt 22:37-39
2. Matt 28:19-20
3. Matt 25: 31-46

Your prayers for us are your greatest gift.
Jeff and Kadek