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Thursday, August 24, 2017

10 Years On

It's hard to believe it's 10 years since our children's ministry was started in Bali.

Thanks in the main to encouragement and support from Ps Peter Hallett and Eternity Christian Church in Sydney, not to mention the grace and goodness of God, we started a small children's home called 'Eternity Children's Home' in August 2007.

The idea came from working with a small Christian community in a remote Balinese village called Bukit Sari. We noticed there were many children in the village who weren't going to school, so we asked the village leaders and parents why not. The answer was simply that the nearest school was just too far for them to go, additionally they had no money for the books, uniforms and fees.

So I asked them if they would be prepared to let some of the children move to a boarding house in Denpasar where they would be cared for and educated, travelling back to their village during school holidays. Because their children are their future security especially in old age, the parents jumped at the idea and so Eternity Children's Home was born.

At front: Darmawan, Tambun, Musa and Benyamin, with carers and people from the local church

Today, Darmawan and Ben are in their final year of High School, Tambun is working in a restaurant until he starts medical uni in Jakarta next year (and is currently living with Oma and Opa (us), and sadly Musa left of his own accord last year, not completing his education and is working as a labourer.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tambun has been granted the desire of his heart!

Praise God it has finally happened... Tambun will be going to uni to become a doctor! It has indeed been a miraculous outcome, and to be honest we had given up (yes... we of little faith!), but obviously the Lord had other ideas.

You may recall that Tambun did extremely well at the entrance exam at UPH (university), however he was unable to get a scholarship, and at AU$40,000 for the 4 year course there was no way we could afford it.

As it turned out, about a month ago Kadek was contacted by two doctors from Hong Kong who wanted to do a clinic in the villages, so he took them up to his ministry at Bon Dalem in N.E. Bali. During conversation he mentioned Tambun's situation. The doctors asked to meet with 'Bun and the outcome was they committed to find the finances for his course!

YT, Desma, Tambun and Virgy at Tommy's Café

Unfortunately, the course for this year is full so Bun will have to wait till next year. However, Virginia put the word out on Facebook to see if anyone could find a job for him for the next 12 months, and within an hour we were contacted by Desma, a precious lady from our church in Bali who also owns the best little restaurant in Bali (Tommy's Café) and offered him a job. So Tambun has already moved in with us and starts work tomorrow! How good is our God?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Kadek & Yohana's 'Little House on the Prairie'

Sorry I couldn't conjure up a better title as Bali can hardly be described as a 'prairie', but you get the idea.

Construction has finally started on their little home, and although small will be more comfortable than the 2.75 x 2.75 metre room they have been living in for the past 5 years. I hasten to add that both Kadek and Yohana have never been paid a cent for managing Kingdom Kids Home, and they do a magnificent job of creating a real home and family environment. Yohana gave up her well paid job at Bali Safari Park as the HR manager to take on the kids home ministry (for nothing). Kadek is a Pastor who gets paid about $80 per month from his denomination, but being industrious also has a little 'palm sugar' business on the side to earn extra income.

 So I have no qualms about prioritising this project, and it will free up another room for more kids as well. We still have along way to go before it will be finished, but we have no doubt it will be provided for, as has everything else. Praise the Lord!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Travelling Pastor

Pastor Kadek ministering to the old 'sisters'
Pastor Kadek Daud has a ministry of
incredible diversity, however it means he has become increasingly unable to cope but he has never complained. I can see he is greatly saddened that the harvest is indeed so ripe, but the workers so few. This is the same Kadek who runs Kingdom Kids Home with his wife Yohana. He is an active evangelist, has a discipleship ministry in Nth Bali, is asked to preach all over Indonesia by his denomination, cares for 5 widows in his village compound, and is responsible for nearly 50 home churches around Bali.

Recently, returning from  north Bali, we called in to see three old ladies (all sisters), the only Christians in their village. and who care for a young girl about 14 years old who they adopted many years ago when she was orphaned. These women have no church, have only ever had Kadek visit them twice (no one else), and are sometimes harassed by the local community. Yet still they proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord. This is not an isolated situation as there are nearly 50 home churches under Kadek's ministry living in difficult village situations.

But we have a plan, which is to engage a pastor who has the heart to disciple, encourage and support these believers who endure so much for their faith. Praise God we have already found the right person for this ministry and have also received a very generous donation that has enabled us to buy a new motorbike for our 'travelling pastor'. All we need now is $500 per month to support the ministry which would cover the pastors blessing, running expenses and accommodation, discipleship resources and a little left over for rice packets for those in serious need.

New motorbike for travelling Pastor

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Another Success Story

Kadek, with Pak Wayan and Ibu Komang at their 'warung'

Pak Wayan and Ibu Komang were baptised a few months ago (see earlier post) and stayed with us at Kingdom Kids Home with their two sons as they had nowhere else to go. They now have their own accommodation and business.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Celebration time

Another significant day for us at Kingdom Kids Home. Today four of our older kids and a young lady who has been staying with us at the kids home were baptised. It is wonderful for us to see these young people grow and mature with a bright outlook for their future lives, but it is something entirely different to see them make a commitment for Christ that ensures their eternal future. Praise the Lord!

Pre-baptism discipleship at KKH

L to R:  Rina, Erna, Putu, Ps Kadek, Komang and Tambun

Thursday, May 4, 2017

In all... A Good Day at KKH

A couple of weeks ago, a husband and wife by the name of Pak Wayan and Ibu Komang came to Besan village looking for Wayan Degeng. They were told to find his son Kadek, who happens to be 'our' Kadek. Wayan Degeng was an almost legendary evangelist throughout Bali until his death in 2007.

So the couple came to Kingdom Kids Home. The wife had been a Christian for many years having been miraculously healed of a brain tumor while working as a 'nanny' in Singapore. Her husband was  Hindu, but because of his wife's faith wanted to find out more about it. So Kadek began to teach both of them.

This eventually led to the salvation of Pak Wayan, and both of them were baptised yesterday.

Sadly, they are not game to go back to their village because they know what they will face. However they have no income, and now no home and certainly no possibility of an inheritance.

But in amongst all of this Ibu Komang has been telling a young lass who used to live next door to her, and who happens to be a 'lady of the night' about Jesus. The young lady came and witnessed their baptism and is eager to learn more about the one we call our Saviour. I believe she has a genuine heart regardless of her profession, and I also believe she will make a commitment to Christ and turn away from her past life. Please pray for young Kadek.

So, to cap off a beautiful baptism, meeting a young lady who is so in need of the grace of God, we also had a terrific birthday celebration for Darmawan, Yohana and Tambun. We have also decided to house Pak Wayan and Ibu Komang at KKH until we can find a way for them to look after themselves.  We will also be taking their two sons into the children's home, looking after them and putting them through school.

In all... a good day at KKH.